Our Mission:

Specialized Medical Standards develops, maintains, and distributes high quality education and training resources to the international medical community.

"Very knowledgeable instructors coupled with an effective mix of classroom instruction and simulation. Learning objectives are clear and students easily move from the classroom to application in hi-fi scenarios. This course challenges clinicians to apply their knowledge in challenging conditions. It will make participants better at what they already do." - GK

Our Intent

Founded by former military austere and prehospital medical experts, SMS operates with the intent of bringing the best military and international medical practices and operational techniques to the larger medical community in order to enable, enhance and elevate learning and practice.

We will provide novel and relevant education and knowledge to medical first responders to improve safety and response in order to decrease risk.

SMS seeks to be the leader in prehospital, austere and remote medical education and training.  Backed by national and international medical thought leaders, our passion is developing and distributing medical guidelines, training programs and quality education.  Our current flagship effort is developing the Austere Emergency Care educational prehospital training curriculum.