We are passionate about creating educational resources for first responders.

Our mission is to be the leader in prehospital, austere, and remote medical education and training. Backed by national and international medical thought leaders, we develop and distribute medical guidelines, training programs and quality education for medical first responders.

About us

Our flagship curriculum is the Austere Emergency Care (AEC) course. This training saves lives. AEC is focused on prehospital EMS providers to directly enhance emergency care delivered in underserved, remote, or austere communities.


What students are saying

“This was the most worthwhile training I have attended in a long time.  Great instructors and relevant and well-researched information. I can’t wait to take what I’ve learned and use it in my clinical practice.  10/10 would recommend.”

EMS Provider, Colorado

“This course provides a solid foundation for the development of an operator’s austere prolonged field care system.  The mix of theory and practical aspects allows for an evolution of clinical judgment and organizational skills in a resource poor environment.  Well constructed and delivered.”

Paramedic, New Zealand

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