Prolonged Field Care Collective

Since 2014, the Prolonged Field Care Collective (PFCC) has been the leader in bringing relevant digital content to SOF medics and clinicians working in austere environments around the world. Our content is used by U.S. and allied military SOF units, as well as regular military and other governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and civilian organizations.

PFCC is known for:

  • the Prolonged Field Care podcast
  • the site
  • supplemental educational materials

The Podcast

  • Hosted by Dennis Jarema, 18D RN, with many thought leaders and subject matter experts in austere medicine
  • Available on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and more
  • Average of 10,000 downloads per episode

The Website

  • Vast array of educational materials, original blog posts, and downloadable content
  • A touch point to other official medic-targeted websites
  • Used as supplemental educational material in Special Operations Forces medical and austere care

How to Support

Your gift will directly impact the training of SOF medics and professionals working in rural, remote and austere environments. Financial support not only enhances critical education and training for military and EMS providers, but directly increases the quality of medical support provided by these medics and professionals.

PFCC Coffee

We’ve partnered with Lobo Coffee, which is owned and operated by Erik Herr, formerly of 7th SFG(A,). This partnership helps fund efforts to continue providing the Medics on the ground with the most up to date knowledge, techniques and ideas in our field. With every purchase of a bag of coffee, a portion is donated to the Prolonged Field Care Collective.

Episode 100:

Our CEO, Sean Keenan, was featured on this PFC podcast episode

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