SMS continues to support our partners delivering the highest quality prolonged field care training curriculum.  

Special thanks go to the College of Remote and Offshore Medicine Foundation (CoROM) for assisting the RS Sea Rescue Academy, Horten, Norway to become our latest training partner.  

As of this month, 504+ participants have gone through the Austere Emergency Care training and over 20,160 continuing education credits have been awarded.

Course Highlights

During the same week as the Norway course, literally, across the globe, Ragged Edge Solutions hosted an Instructor Development Course, and delivered a combined AEC course with AEC-Advanced and our new BLS AEC Foundation course.  This course was unique in that they combined New Zealand Defence Force medics along with civilian members of the Pasifika Medical Association Medical Assistance Team (PACMAT).
PACMAT is a multidisciplinary team of Pacific medical professionals ready and able to assist international medical institutions in the event of a sudden onset disaster or disease outbreak.
There was robust participant feedback which validated the utility of the curriculum for this diverse audience!

Conversations about Austere Emergency Care

Our Training Partner, CoROM, released 3 podcast episodes about AEC and PFC:

Additionally, our CEO, Sean Keenan, and SMS board member, Ian Wedmore, discussed the state of PFC in remote, austere and wilderness medicine applications in this webinar. It was jointly presented by WMS and SOMA as a service to the community.   

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